One of the ways we drain our energy and how we can shift it

You have probably heard it time and time again.  We are energetic beings, being housed by our bodies.  I believe that without our bodies, we are simply energy.  Indeed, energy is our life force.

We expend energy all day long consciously and unconsciously.  Every day and every minute of the day, we are either draining our life force or we are replenishing it.

My spiritual practice recently has revolved around this concept and I find myself asking quite often – how am I spending my energy?  I have tried to become aware of the people, places and things that drain me.  Because I am susceptible to being drained easily because of my empathetic and sensitive nature, I have to be truly mindful about how I leak energy.

Sometimes we leak one drop at a time and other times we leak a waterfall.  Trying to plug those energetic holes takes some practice and willingness to become aware.  Once we become aware, we then need a little courage to discern what isn’t working and make changes that serve our life force.

We all need energy to stay vibrant and healthy.  When we endlessly expend energy without checking in with ourselves, we are compromising our vitality.

I can list many ways that we all drain our energy, but today I want to talk about one of the most prevalent ways we all leak energy, including myself.


We are living in a time when comparing ourselves to one another has become the norm.  Social media fuels this fire, yet social media is what it is – a platform.  It’s the value that we assign to it that can either bring us joy or suffering.

I was guiding a client recently and she said to me “but I am x years old and I still do not have that thing, shouldn’t I already have that by now

We have all encountered the word “should”. It’s another form of comparison.

My client was truly upset about her progress, so how did I gently lead my client back to her highest truth?

It starts with appreciation for our uniquely divinely guided path.  If we can stay committed to our path whatever that path may be, and we truly honor where we are in our lives and trust that we are here now to learn whatever we need to learn, we will not be so tempted to judge our life by comparing ourselves to another.   We will not be tempted to devalue where we are in our life.  Even if we are in transition or simply unsure of the next step.

Comparing our lives to another’s life is a form of judgment.

It is draining.  It is harmful.  Comparing our life to another’s life is essentially saying to our life that our path is insignificant. It is saying to ourselves that we should have this or should be there and not here.  Before we know it, our life becomes one big should.

We all want to attain goals, to improve our lives in some way, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually.  That does not mean that we can’t honor where we are right now.  That’s why I love the phrase stay in your lane.  Our lives require enough energy as it is, why spend it comparing?

I teach what I have to learn.  My mentor stopped me in my tracks recently when I was going off and ranting about why I have not been able to quit my day job and become a full time spiritual leader like some of my contemporaries.

She asked, “do you have any idea what any of their lives is like?”  “Does it feel like you are dishonoring where you are now?  She then lovingly suggested that I recite this prayer the next time I get ahead of myself and start comparing my life to someone else, or get caught in the cycle of shoulds.

Thank you universe for showing me the possibilities.  I trust that what is meant for me will find me.  My life is unfolding perfectly.

I cannot tell you how many times I have used this mantra/prayer in the last 12 months.  It has shifted me tremendously.   I find myself focusing on my journey and meeting my needs as opposed to draining my energy and getting caught up in comparing.

Just remember, admiring another is inspiring and uplifting, comparing is draining and dull.

Your energy is a precious commodity {!firstname_fix}.  Your life is unique.  It is not supposed to look like anyone else’s life.   It cannot be measured by society’s norms and standards.  It is truly a divine creation.  Honor it with all of your heart.

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